Black Holes: Monsters of the Cosmos

It’s a new Symphony of Science video from melodysheep (aka John D. Boswell). It features Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, and Morgan Freeman. It’s about black holes.

‘Nuff said. Enjoy!

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  1. Monsters?

    Black Holes, resent astronomy piece indicates, influenced the star populations of early galaxies. Referenced, was the curious relationship between BH-mass and central galactic Bulges. Intriguing to me, is the possibility they perform some regulating–controlling function. As by design, not strange coincidence of time. From brilliant accretion-disk to powerful outflows, huge stellar systems powered by relatively tiny Dynamos–huge in working-impact? They’ve been described as mighty “Engines”. Strong driving forces, for maintaining galactic complexes, they seem built.

    In spiral elegance, or elliptical grace, how do these weighty compact nuclei, “shape” enormous stellar space?

    By invisible measure, or unseen setting, do they “switch on”, with periodicity, then turn off, like machine mechanisms? As stars burn-down, and explode out, do these Dynamos on the edge of time, then “turn on” to “replenish” star populations? ( If “starbirth” IS real, and not fiction of interpretation. )

    Hearts of central importance, vital in maintaining ordered System?

    “This means that the total number of stars that form is limited by the power of the black hole that shapes [ an early Universe ] galaxy” – Dr Myrto Symeonidis

    Hardly a monstrous role, the mighty players seem, on stellar galactic stage.

    “Monsters” destroy structure, and demolish system, shatter their way through landscapes. The great BH-linked assemblies, gyroscope-like ( full enclosures ) in Spirals, centered in vast bulges, may be something much more CONSTRUCTIVE ( even when “devouring” excess [?] dust and gas, and occasional star [?] ).

    If massive a BH-core could be “surgically” removed from its host galaxy, an interesting experiment would make. Sped-up in time, what would become of an armed Spiral, or a vast Elliptical, stripped of their “throbbing” hearts ( sustaining “life”-rhythm torn )?

    Would vital-signs of System-monitor, in sounding alarm, become strait lines?

    Would the organized galactic mass lose structure or containment, disordered chaos break-down? Or unraveled, would it burn-out, gradual dispersion flung? ( Gravity yes, but something more? ) Could the Bulge slowly implode, in structure collapse? Conversely, into the void, mighty it dissipate, loosed invisible bonds ( absent a pulse-rate )? Would star swarms, from community unbound, be cast adrift?

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