Why are We Driven to Explore?

Why do we explore? Is it the desire to break through boundaries, or to probe the perimeters of possibilities? With his lightning-fast mind, self-professed wonder junkie Jason Silva can quickly list all the great quotes about space exploration and why it is important for the human species to explore; and he does it in this new video from his “Shots of Awe” series on You Tube.

Strap in and enjoy the fast ride that is Jason Silva!

“Shots of Awe” are weekly three-minute videos with what Silva calls “inspired nuggets of techno-rapture,” that can provide a nudge to contemplate your life; whether it be to look at the complex systems of society, technology, or the beauty of nature and science.

3 Replies to “Why are We Driven to Explore?”

  1. I love the photography, I like the enthusiasm and the message, but I still have two words for Jason Silva. (1) Breathe. (2) Decaf.

  2. If being human is dreaming of what we might become and then exploring that possibility, perhaps 99% of the population is not human. Great video but I doubt the message resonates with much of the population and hence only a small fraction will ever see it.

  3. ” ‘When we dream of space, we dream of transcendence.’ … We dream of what we might become.” ____________________________________________________________________

    Resonant in those words, a profound reality about man on Earth.

    In his “spirit”, long evident desire – horizons explore, the unseen learn, and mysteries know – appears hard-wired. Through ages, an urge apparent – a hill to climb, an ocean to cross, and a world alight – in his heart, clearly inherent.

    ~ Not sure what is meant in the line about “stooges conscripted to imagine natural order that kills everyone”. Science details astonishing evidence of “natural order”, from microcosmic matter function, to networked-cosmological construction. Why would recognition of World-turning order “kill” anyone’s passion to reach-out to new horizons, “explore where no man has gone before”, or expand the mind’s borders through frontiers of Space and Time?

    ~ “Shots of Awe”, indeed! In mesmerized view, music stirred my soul. Well done video.

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