What Can You Do With a Cubesat?

We’ve had several articles recently cubesats — low-cost satellites that seem to be the wave of the future. As technology becomes miniaturized, this allows for inexpensive and quick-to-build satellites. Additionally, they can tag along on launches already scheduled for other things. All this enables students and smaller companies to send equipment and experiments into space.

But the people from DIY Space Exploration say don’t let the small size of a cubesat fool you. The types of missions Cubesats can perform may surprise you and they’re becoming the satellite of choice for anyone looking for a low cost quick response option.

If you visit the DIY Space Exploration website, they have tutorials on how you can put your own cubesat together, and lots of other information. They’ve also put together a great infograhic about what all you can do with a cubesat:

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