Washing Your Hair in Space, Bald Edition

Last week, astronaut Karen Nyberg shared via video how she washes her long hair in space. Since about 1.5 million people have watched it, NASA decided to give equal time to the bald guy in space, Luca Parmitano. As I stated last week, obviously, Parmitano uses a different method than Nyberg. Note it takes about 3 minutes for Nyberg to wash her hair, while it takes Parmitano less than a minute.

4 Replies to “Washing Your Hair in Space, Bald Edition”

  1. Well that’s really easy, sometimes i think that gravity have the all answers I don’t know why! but i’ll think about it.

  2. If washing your hair is a chore
    The scrubbing and rinsing’s a bore
    Just try it in space!
    You’re bald? In that case
    You won’t have to worry no more

  3. Based on these videos I think it should be a requirement to be bald to stay on the space station. Those hair cleaning products cost a lot of money to lift into space. Just shave everyone’s head before the launch and use some electric clipper to keep it short while on the station.

    1. This makes too much sense? Sloughed off hair and cells require more filter maintenance, then there’s water usage, towels and shampoo to think about.

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