How to Wash Your (Long) Hair in Space

Those of us with long tresses have wondered, how do you wash that floating mass of hair in space? Astronaut and Expedition 36 crewmember Karen Nyberg provides a how-to video direct from the International Space Station. Obviously, Nyberg’s crewmate Luca Parmitano doesn’t have to go through this process.

But wash your hair today, have drinking water or coffee tomorrow!

5 Replies to “How to Wash Your (Long) Hair in Space”

  1. Is it just me or do other readers also want actual science from the ISS, not a bloody shampoo commercial!

    1. That seems a very strange objection — it’s not as if the occasional video about the human side of space station life means we get any less science than we otherwise would. And I didn’t see a brand name flashed in front of my eyes, so there is no sense in which it could be construed as a commercial. True, there was no “wow!” moment, no extraordinary revelation, but as a response to a frequently asked question, it is harmless.

    2. I’m quite happy not to be bombarded by the science they do up there day in, day out. It’s nice to see how they manage with the issues that we all take for granted, and there’s probably just a hint of science in there too if you look closely enough.

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