Incredible Astrophoto: Space Station Flies Over Stonehenge

In a gorgeous mix of archeology and space exploration, photographer Tim Burgess captured a stunning view of the International Space Station passing over the historic and iconic Stonehenge on April 20, 2013. Tim said this composite image is composed of 11 shots, 10 sec, f2.8, 400 ISO. As one person commented on Flickr, “An amazing feat of human engineering passing over an amazing feat of human engineering, captured by an amazing feat of human engineering.”

Thanks to Tim for allowing us to post this image on UT; keep track of Tim’s photography on Flickr and Twitter.

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3 Replies to “Incredible Astrophoto: Space Station Flies Over Stonehenge”

  1. Such a great image, and on St. George’s day too! I hope they go ahead with that plan to put the flanking roads underground. And maybe make an effort to cut the light pollution of Amesbury and Durrington a bit, although the light from the former provides a nice backdrop here.

  2. When I was younger. We used to travel to places where there is no light pollution to hamper the “night sky light show”. Cumberland Island, Ga. is an island just off the coast. No vehicles w/motors allowed. Just bikes. The wild horses walk freely. On the outer beaches you can even see the smudge look of our nearest galaxy. If anyone has the chance. Go.

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