Bright Meteor Rocks Argentina Rock Concert

Article written: 23 Apr , 2013
Updated: 26 Apr , 2016

Talk about a light show! A massive bolide was captured on video during a middle-of-the-night rock concert in Argentina on April 21, 2013. The band, Los Tekis performed at an outdoor concert venue and in perfect timing, right after the band concluded a song, the person who shot the video panned out so that the sky was visible — just as the bolide lit up the sky.

News reports say the bright fireball was not only seen in Salta, Argentina, the location of the Zamba Festival, but was seen widely across Santiago del Estero, Corrientes, Córdoba, Chaco and in other locations, even though it was about 3:20 am local time.

The band’s website quotes Matías Díaz, who filmed the event as saying, “People demanded an encore of the Tekis, then they returned to the stage and was at that moment when the sound was cut and decorated the right side was a large green light falling from the sky. People at first did not know it was, thought someone had thrown a vengala but then began to speak of a meteorite.”


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  1. meekGee says

    My ears! oh, my ears!

  2. Enrique Ferreyra says

    Los Tekis is Folcklore not Rock!!!

    There are several videos from different areas of Argentina where the heaven ligths up in the middle of the night.

    Hours later another one happened more to the south:

  3. CallanTFC says

    The only upside of all these cameras everywhere is awesome videos like these

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