Night Sky Preview for April 2013

Here’s a quick overview from Jane Houston Jones from JPL of what you can see in the night skies during April 2013. Of special interest is that Saturn’s north pole is now tilted towards Earth, giving us the best view of the rings since 2006.

2 Replies to “Night Sky Preview for April 2013”

  1. This science website rules! Not too heavy. Not too light. Weighs just enough to touch all who visits or stays w/class.

    The moon plays so many life saving roles. Between the tides, gravity, & other roles that goes completely w/out notice to the average person. I am always in awe how Eden Earth & our Lunar companion effects each one of us w/values beyond comprehension. The chicken or the egg. You all know what I mean. Take care.

    1. oops..wrong post. Meant the Lunar post. See what I mean by humor? This time it’s on me not paying attention. You should of seen me from ages 16 to 24. Brain dead I would of settled for…lol. Cya

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