Astrophoto: Jungle Sunset

They say that perspective is everything. In this case perspective and filters are what makes this such a great astrophoto! We’ve been following Joseph Brimacombe’s astrophotography for years, and have come to appreciate his ‘perspective!” This great zoom shot of the setting Sun was taken on March 31, 2013 using a calcium K-line Filter, using a a 60 mm Lunt CaK Solar Telescope at F/8.3 and a Skynyx 2-2 camera. It’s a single shot, but below, you can watch a negative version of the Sun sink below the horizon in a video of 1,350 frames shown at double speed.

Jungle Sunset Calcium K-line Filter: Long Video – March 31, 2013 from Joseph Brimacombe on Vimeo.

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5 Replies to “Astrophoto: Jungle Sunset”

  1. What was it that traveled from right to left across the right hand top quarter ?

    1. I didn’t see it. I saw a few glitches in the vid. Oh well, maybe a comet? They do hit the sun quite a bit. Go look on the NASA’s SOHO website.(some of my info work is through that site). You will see comets vividly crashing into the sun. Also, what was the “time count” on the video’s clock did you see this thing? Let me know? I will start from about 10 secs earlier. I want to see what you saw ;-)… .

      Note: The Vatican of all people’s have been for a while, getting reared up for UFO’s. They are even saying what I have said/believed for years. Invisible to our naked eye for the most part the Vatican is/are saying. Personally, I do NOT disbelieve people when they say they saw an actual object unidentified to them in any subject. Who are we to dispute anyone! If they are not benefiting with money or material things. Then what are they gaining? NADDA!

      I work through NASA & not for. I know enough people who work for NASA &, airline pilots, etc.. if they talk about UFO’s & etc’s… they are called out on the carpet, threatened to the point of tears. They, the FAA, NASA & etc’s..will fire people who are either outspoken or bring up things not for their eyes to reveal.

      Main stream scientists like SETI are so kool to me. They are open minded up to a point. The Vatican is also but they are NOT disproving what they really are doing now. A colleague suggested I go through “” to see the investigations of two men. “Cris Putnam & Tom Horn”. Regardless what anyone thinks. You go watch the video of that one show to get the info facts of what the Vatican is doing. I did & was floored. The Astrophysicists are both priests & secular scientists working in tandem w/one another. It will blow your mind!
      Take care.

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