Star Trek

How Would Earth Send Messages To A Starship — Or A Distant Civilization?

by Elizabeth Howell February 13, 2014

I have a new exercise routine where I watch Star Trek: The Next Generation most mornings of the week while doing my thing. Besides serving as awesome distraction, the episodes do get me thinking about how humans would talk to extraterrestrials. It likely wouldn’t be as easy as the show portrays to zoom across space to […]

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Star Trek’s Geordi LeForge Explains NASA’s new MAVEN Mars Orbiter

by Ken Kremer November 15, 2013

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – Star Trek actor and space enthusiast LeVar Burton stars in a new action packed NASA public service announcement (PSA) about the agency’s next Mars-bound spacecraft, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft slated for blast off in barely two days time on Nov. 18 from the Florida Space Coast. […]

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Win a DVD/BluRay Combo Pack of “Star Trek Into Darkness”

by Nancy Atkinson September 10, 2013

After its theatre debut in May of this year, Star Trek Into Darkness has blasted its way to the small screen with its release today on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand. The new release features not only a high-definition version of the movie but the “extras” include behind-the-scenes footage, “making-of” details, and other special features. […]

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Can You Spot the Future Location of the Utopia Planitia Shipyards in this New HiRISE Image?

by Nancy Atkinson July 31, 2013

The name of this large impact basin on Mars, Utopia Planitia, sounds idyllic. But it also strikes a warm place in the heart of any Trekkie, as in the future (at least in the Star Trek Universe) it will be the location of the facility where the original Starship Enterprise and its many incarnations will […]

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Why Teleportation Could Be Far Slower Than Walking

by Elizabeth Howell July 31, 2013

It always looked so easy in the Star Trek episodes. “Two to beam up,” Captain James T. Kirk would say from the planet’s surface. A few seconds later, the officers would materialize on the Enterprise — often missing a few red-shirts that went down with them. A new analysis says the teleportation process wouldn’t take a few […]

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