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Curiosity rover maneuvers around ‘Kimberley’ seeking potential Red Planet Drill Sites

by Ken Kremer April 5, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter NASA’s car sized Curiosity rover has arrived at a scientifically enticing science destination at “The Kimberley Waypoint” where researchers hope to carry out the next drilling operation into alien Martian terrain in search of further clues about ancient Red Planet environments […]

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Curiosity Rover pauses mid-drive and captures Spectacular Martian Mountain Snapshot

by Ken Kremer March 1, 2014

Like any good tourist, NASA’s rover Curiosity apparently couldn’t resist the photobug urge from a gorgeous Martian mountain scene she happened by recently and decided to pull over and enjoy the view. So she stopped the dune buggy mid-drive on the sandy road to her daily destination one Sol last week on Feb. 19, powered […]

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Opportunity rover Spied atop Martian Mountain Ridge from Orbit – Views from Above and Below

by Ken Kremer February 19, 2014

NASA’s renowned Mars rover Opportunity has been spied anew in a fabulous new photo captured just days ago by NASA’s ‘Spy in the Sky’ orbiter circling overhead the Red Planet. See Opportunity from above and below – from today’s location. See orbital view above – just released today. The highly detailed image was freshly taken […]

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Science Instruments Perfect as NASA’s MAVEN Orbiter Speeds to Red Planet

by Ken Kremer February 11, 2014

NASA’s newest Mars orbiter, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) probe passed a significant interplanetary milestone with the announcement that all of the craft’s science instruments were activated and passed their initial checkout. “I’m delighted that we’re operating in space so well,” Bruce Jakosky, MAVEN’s Principal Investigator told Universe Today. “We’re on our way!” […]

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Curiosity Crosses Dingo Gap Dune – Gateway to ‘Moonlight Valley’ and Mountain Destinations Beyond

by Ken Kremer February 8, 2014

NASA’s Curiosity mega rover has successfully crossed over the ‘Dingo Gap’ sand dune- opening the gateway to the science rich targets in the “Moonlight Valley” and Martian mountain beyond. “I’m over the moon that I’m over the dune! I successfully crossed the “Dingo Gap” sand dune on Mars,” Curiosity tweeted overnight Thursday. “Moonlight Valley” is […]

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