Why Do People Go Crazy During a Full Moon?

by Fraser Cain July 3, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Have you ever heard that people go crazy during a full Moon? What’s going on to cause all this lunacy? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s all a myth and nothing special ever happens during full moons. Remove this ad Fraser Cain […]

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Why is the Moon Leaving Us?

by Fraser Cain June 9, 2014

Goodbye Moon. Every year, the Moon slips a few centimeters away from us, slowing down our day. Why is the Moon drifting away from us, and how long will it take before the Earth and the Moon are tidally locked to each other? Remove this ad Fraser Cain on Google+

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Can Tatooine Be Real?

by Fraser Cain April 10, 2014

We’re familiar with the sky on Tatooine with its twin suns. But could a planet actually orbit two stars at the same time? Could you have a planet in a multiple star system with 4, 6 or more suns? Remove this ad Fraser Cain on Google+

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Can You Escape the Force of Gravity?

by Fraser Cain April 7, 2014

It feels like you just can’t get away from clingy gravity. Even separated by distances of hundreds of millions of light years, gravity is reaching out to all of us. Is there a place you could go to get away from gravity entirely? Fortunately for our space intolerant tissues and terrible oxygen dependency withdrawal symptoms, […]

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Is Andromeda Drifting Towards Us?

by Fraser Cain April 3, 2014

In a Universe that’s expanding apart, isn’t it strange that Andromeda is actually drifting towards us? Dr. Thad Szabo from Cerritos College explains why this is happening. “I’m Thad Szabo, and I teach astronomy and physics at Cerritos College.” Is Andromeda drifting towards us? “The reason that we see Andromeda moving toward us is because […]

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