Golden Spike

Golden Spike Still Needs Your Help to Get to the Moon

by Jason Major April 9, 2013

Last December the Golden Spike Company announced its plans to enable private-sector lunar exploration missions which would be feasible, profitable, and possible — even without government funding. Comprised of veteran space program executives, managers, and engineers, Golden Spike intends to stand on the shoulders of current space technology to develop lunar transportation systems that can be used […]

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Join the Golden Spike Video Contest

by Ray Sanders March 7, 2013

If you’ve been following Golden Spike Company, you know that the company is planning to launch commercial Lunar exploration missions by 2020. Last month, Golden Spike announced their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to help generate public interest in their mission. So far people from around the world have contributed to the Golden Spike […]

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Lunar Exploration Company Offers the Public a Chance to Participate

by Nancy Atkinson February 13, 2013

Last December, when a private space exploration company named Golden Spike announced they are working to offer human expeditions to the Moon by 2020, they also said wanted to bring public along as an integral part of the company’s mission. Since their initial announcement, the Golden Spike team says they’ve been inundated with emails, letters […]

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Golden Spike to Offer Commercial Human Missions to the Moon

by Nancy Atkinson December 6, 2012

A proposed Golden Spike lunar lander on the Moon. Credit: Golden Spike Company A group of space experts, media figures and even politicians announced today a new commercial company to bring paying passengers to the Moon. The Golden Spike Company is looking to “implement and operate a human space transportation system at commercially successful price […]

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