Stunning Aurora at Mount Kirkjufell in Iceland

by Nancy Atkinson April 4, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Wow! Mount Kirkjufell is a well-known and often-photographed landmark, and there are many who say it is the most beautiful mountain in Iceland. Photographer Nanut Bovorn captured Kirkjufell in all its glory on April 2, 2014, surrounded by starry skies and […]

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Eye-Popping Aurora in Alaska

by Nancy Atkinson April 1, 2014

For the past several years, astrophotographer John Chumack has lead a tour to Alaska on how to photograph the northern lights and the night sky, and this year was a great success. “We experienced perfect weather this year: 10 clear nights in a row, with an aurora display every night,” John said via email. Last […]

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Amazing Aurora in Alaska, March 2014

by Nancy Atkinson March 24, 2014

Every year, our friend and astrophotographer extraordinaire John Chumack co-leads a tour to Alaska on how to photograph the northern lights and the night sky, and this year they hit paydirt. “Absolutely amazing aurora about 30 minutes outside Fairbanks, Alaska!!!!” John wrote via email. “I took over 450 photos of it, I watched it dance […]

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Rocket Launches Into an Aurora to Study Auroral Swirls

by Bob King March 6, 2014

If you’ve ever wondered what makes the aurora take on the amazing forms it does you’ve got company. Marilia Samara and the crew of aurora researchers at Alaska’s Poker Flat Range head up the NASA-funded Ground-to-Rocket Electrodynamics-Electrons Correlative Experiment, or GREECE. Their mission is to understand what causes the swirls seen in very active auroras.  Remove this ad

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Incredible Aurora Outburst From Recent X-Class Flare

by Nancy Atkinson February 27, 2014

Our Twitter feeds just exploded with pictures of an auroral outburst in the UK, Scandinavia, Iceland and even from the International Space Station! Thanks to the X4.9 class solar flare on on Feb. 25, the resulting CME hit Earth’s magnetic field today and triggered geomagnetic storms. Take a look at some of the images pouring […]

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