Cool Infographic Compares the Chemistry of Planetary Atmospheres

by Jason Major July 27, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Here on Earth we enjoy the nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere we’ve all come to know and love with each of the approximately 24,000 breaths we take each day (not to mention the surprisingly comfortable 14.7 pounds per square inch of pressure it exerts on our […]

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Heavy-Lift Rocket Launch Seen from Space

by Jason Major February 6, 2014

We all know what a big rocket launch looks like from the ground, but this is what it looks like from above the ground — 260 miles above the ground! The photo above was captured from the Space Station earlier today by NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio, and it shows the contrail from a heavy-lift Ariane […]

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Kepler Finds an Earth-Sized “Gas Giant”

by Jason Major January 6, 2014

Gas planets aren’t always bloated, monstrous worlds the size of Jupiter or Saturn (or larger) they can also apparently be just barely bigger than Earth. This was the discovery announced earlier today during the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington, DC, when findings regarding the gassy (but surprisingly small) exoplanet KOI-314c were presented. “This planet might have […]

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Titan Has a Fancy Collar

by Jason Major August 26, 2013

As high summer slowly but steadily approaches on Saturn, Cassini is opening a window to the seasonal changes that occur not only on the ringed planet but also its moons. Here we can see a dark band developing around Titan’s north polar latitudes, a “fancy collar” made visible in ultraviolet wavelengths. Polar collars have previously […]

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Earth’s Highest Clouds Shine at the “Top of the Orbit”

by Jason Major August 20, 2013

Looking for a new desktop background? This might do nicely: a photo of noctilucent “night-shining” clouds seen above a midnight Sun over Alaska, taken from the ISS as it passed over the Aleutian Islands just after midnight local time on Sunday, August 4. When this photo was taken Space Station was at the “top of the […]

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