Hubble Vision: Galaxy DDO 68 – Young Or Old?

by Tammy Plotner September 25, 2014

Only astronomers know for sure… Or do they? In this assembly of images taken with Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys, scientists have utilized both visible and infrared light to survey a most unusual galaxy. When looking for a newly formed galaxy in our “cosmic neighborhood”, they spied DDO 68 (a.k.a. UGC 5340). Normally to witness […]

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Alien Planet’s Clear Weather Could Show Way To ‘Super-Earth’ Atmospheres

by Elizabeth Howell September 25, 2014

In an encouraging find for habitability researchers, astronomers have detected molecules on the smallest planet ever — a Neptune-sized planet about 120 light-years from Earth. The team behind the discovery says this means the dream of understanding the atmospheres on planets even closer to size of Earth is getting closer. “The work we are doing […]

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Diamond Pinpricks: Gorgeous Shot Of Star Group That Once Baffled Astronomers

by Elizabeth Howell August 14, 2014

Is this group of stars belonging to one generation, or more? That’s one of the things that was puzzling astronomers for decades, particularly when they were trying to pin down the age of IC 4499 — the globular cluster you see in this new picture from the Hubble Space Telescope. Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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Hubble Archive Reveals Possible Culprit for Enigmatic Supernova

by Shannon Hall August 6, 2014

More than two decades of Hubble observations have produced more than 25 terabytes of data. Thanks to the wealth of information stored in the Hubble data archive, astronomers can easily revisit old images in an effort to better understand new discoveries. Now, astronomers have used the archive to find the progenitor of a mysterious type […]

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James Webb Space Telescope’s Giant Sunshield Test Unit Unfurled First Time

by Ken Kremer July 26, 2014

GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER, MD – The huge Sunshield test unit for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been successfully unfurled for the first time in a key milestone ahead of the launch scheduled for October 2018. Engineers stacked and expanded the tennis-court sized Sunshield test unit last week inside the cleanroom at a […]

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