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Eruption of the Raikoke Volcano, Seen From Space

The Raikoke Volcano, dormant for a very long time, has awoken from its slumber. The volcanic island is in the…

6 months ago

What About a Mission to Titan?

Europa is fine and all, but where we really need to go is Saturn's moon Titan. Let's look at some…

3 years ago

How Do Volcanoes Erupt?

Volcanic eruptions are driven by a combination of mechanisms, which include pressure and heat in the Earth's mantle, as well…

4 years ago

What is the Difference Between Lava and Magma?

The difference between lava and magma, which is rather important when it comes to volcanic activity and geology, is just…

4 years ago

What Are The Benefits Of Volcanoes?

Despite being an incredibly powerful and destructive force of nature, volcanoes actually have a number of positive effects

4 years ago

Mountains: How Are They Formed?

Mountains are formed by geological and tectonic forces, resulting in massive formations that are amazing and awe-inspiring.

4 years ago

What Are The Different Parts Of A Volcano?

Volcanoes are one of the most impressive and powerful forces of nature, consisting of many different parts that serve different…

4 years ago

Why Was September’s Lunar Eclipse So Dark?

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who made and sent their Danjon scale estimate of the totally-eclipsed Moon's brightness to…

4 years ago

What Color Is the Moon? A Simple Science Project For Sunday Night’s Eclipse

There are many ways to enjoy tomorrow night's total lunar eclipse. First and foremost is to sit back and take…

4 years ago

What is the Haleakala Volcano?

Hawaii is famous for its lovely mountains, tropical climate, and majestic oceanfront vistas. Another thing it is famous for is…

4 years ago