Can a Dead Star Keep Exploding?

In September 2022, an automated sky survey detected what seemed to be a supernova explosion about one billion light-years away.…

5 months ago

What a Mess. A Black Hole's Stellar Meal is Brighter and Longer Lasting Than Ever Seen Before

A black hole munching on a star may have caused one of the brightest transients every observed.

12 months ago

A Black Hole Consumed a Star and Released the Light of a Trillion Suns

When a flash of light appears somewhere in the sky, astronomers notice. When it appears in a region of the…

1 year ago

Astronomers Discover a Mysterious Star That Flashes Every 20 Minutes. But What is it?

An ultra-long period object might be a magnetar, but it could also be a type of object we've never seen.

2 years ago

What’s Causing the Mysterious Radio Waves Coming From the Center of the Milky Way?

The center of the Milky Way is a mysterious place. Astronomers think there's a supermassive black hole there, though it…

2 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 520: Transients: What They Are and Why They Matter Part 2

This is our second episode in a two part series where we look at Transients in astronomy. In last week's…

5 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 519: Transients: What They Are and Why They Matter

Astronomers have found that sometimes the Universe changes. Things move, things explode, things get brighter or dimmer. In fact, knowing…

5 years ago