tidal forces

Enceladus’s Fault Lines are Responsible for its Plumes

The Search for Life in our Solar System leads seekers to strange places. From our Earthbound viewpoint, an ice-covered moon…

2 months ago

Radiating Exoplanet Discovered in “Perfect Tidal Storm”

Can tidal forces cause an exoplanet’s surface to radiate heat? This is what a recent study accepted to The Astronomical…

2 months ago

Extreme Tidal Forces Have Deformed an Exoplanet

What an exoplanet shaped like a rugby ball tells us about its composition.

2 years ago

Asteroid Apophis’ 2029 Flyby Will Provide a Bonanza of Asteroid Science

If NASA and other space agencies don't want us to freak out about asteroids colliding with Earth, why do they…

3 years ago

Small, Tough Planets can Survive the Death of Their Star

Sad fact of the Universe is that all stars will die, eventually. And when they do, what happens to their…

5 years ago

Hubble Watches Spinning Black Hole Swallow a Star

An international team of scientists claim that a superluminous event in a distant galaxy was caused by a star being…

8 years ago

Astronomers See a Massive Black Hole Tear a Star Apart

A telescope peers into the blackness of deep space. Suddenly - a brilliant flash of light appears that wasn't there before.…

9 years ago

Early Tidal and Rotational Forces Helped Shape Moon

The shape of the moon deviates from a simple sphere in a way that scientists have struggled to explain. But…

10 years ago

How Did Comet Lovejoy Survive Its Trip Around The Sun?

[/caption] It was just about three months ago that the astronomy world watched in awe as the recently-discovered comet Lovejoy…

12 years ago

Ripped to Shreds, Exoplanet Suffers Painful Death

[/caption] WASP-12b, discovered in 2008, is a real outlier among the 400 or so exoplanets discovered to date. Not that…

14 years ago