Euclid Reaches L2, Shares its First Test Image

ESA's Euclid mission has made the journey through space to reach the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrange Point. The two instruments on…

7 months ago

The Biggest Telescope in the World is Half Built

The European Southern Observatory continues to build the largest telescope in the world, the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). Construction of…

8 months ago

Watch a Dramatic Tornado Rise from the Surface of the Sun, Captured by Andrew McCarthy

Amateur astrophotography is becoming increasingly popular among the astronomy community, as advancements in telescope and camera technologies allow individuals from…

11 months ago

If an Earthlike Planet is Within 30 Light-Years, This Space Telescope Will Find it

There has long been a limiting factor in the development of space-based telescopes - launch fairings. These capsules essentially limit…

1 year ago

Future Space Telescopes Could be 100 Meters Across, Constructed in Space, and Then Bent Into a Precise Shape

An MIT team proposes a new method for in-space assembly to built a self-adjusting 100 m (328 ft) space telescope

1 year ago

JWST Pioneer Passes Along Advice for Future Space Telescope Builders

After a quarter-century of development, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is a smashing success. But senior project scientist John Mather,…

1 year ago

Webb Can Detect Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs, And Maybe Even See Signs of Life

In a recent study accepted to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an international team of researchers led…

1 year ago

Next Generation Telescopes Could Search for Intelligent Civilizations Directly

We're still in the early days of searching for life elsewhere. The Perseverance rover is on its way to a…

2 years ago

Smaller, Ground-Based Telescopes can Study Exoplanet Atmospheres too

The next step to understanding exoplanets is to understand their atmospheres better. Astronomers can determine a planet's mass, density, and…

2 years ago

A new Balloon-Based Observatory Could Produce Images as Fine as Hubble

Launching satellites is an expensive business - at least for now.  But satellites are necessary in astronomy for one major…

3 years ago