Life Might Be Difficult to Find on a Single Planet But Obvious Across Many Worlds

If we could detect a clear, unambiguous biosignature on just one of the thousands of exoplanets we know of, it…

4 weeks ago

If Exoplanets Have Lightning, it’ll Complicate the Search for Life

Discovering exoplanets is almost routine now. We've found over 5,500 exoplanets, and the next step is to study their atmospheres…

2 months ago

TESS Has Found Thousands of Possible Exoplanets. Which Ones Should JWST Study?

JWST has demonstrated how well it can analyze the atmosphere of exoplanets, revealing carbon dioxide, water vapor, and sulfur compounds.…

8 months ago

Are We Alone? The Answer Might Be in Space Dust That’s All Around Us

When it comes to looking for extraterrestrial life "out there" astronomers scan distant planets. They also look for technosignatures at…

1 year ago

Here are Four Ways JWST Could Detect Alien Life

There are many ways that the James Webb Space Telescope could search for life. Here are four promising ones.

1 year ago

If we Detect This gas on Other Planets, it’s a Good Sign There’s Life There

Here is an idea that likely never crossed the mind of most space enthusiasts - a gas emitted from broccoli…

2 years ago

NASA has Built a Collection of Instruments That Will Search for Life Inside Europa and Enceladus

Scientists at NASA JPL and Colorado University have created a new instrument for finding signs of life, called the Ocean…

2 years ago

It’s Not Conclusive, But Methane is Probably the Best Sign of Life on Exoplanets

When the James Webb Space Telescope aims at exoplanet atmospheres, it'll use spectroscopy to identify chemical elements. One of the…

2 years ago

Next Generation Telescopes Could Search for Intelligent Civilizations Directly

We're still in the early days of searching for life elsewhere. The Perseverance rover is on its way to a…

2 years ago