Stunning Image of ISS Taken From the Ground Shows two Spacewalking Astronauts

In our age, we've grown accustomed to pictures of astronauts inside the International Space Station, as they float in zero-G…

2 years ago

NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir Took a Space Selfie, Capturing her Reflection in the Space Station

If there's an award for "Selfie of the Year" NASA astronaut Jessica Meir just won it. (more…)

4 years ago

Astronauts in Trouble Will be Able to Press the “Take Me Home” Button

Massachusetts-based engineering company Draper recently filed a patent for a navigation system that will be able to bring astronauts home…

7 years ago

2 US Astronauts Conduct Unplanned, Rapidly Executed Contingency Space Walk on Space Station

In the space of just 3 days, a pair of NASA astronauts conducted an unplanned and rapidly executed contingency space…

7 years ago

Space Station Drama After Vital Micrometeorite Shielding Floats Away

This week, astronauts conducting a spacewalk had to perform an impromptu patch-up job when one of the ISS' shields broke…

7 years ago

Where Can I Take Off My Space Helmet?

When it comes to space helmets, there's one rule: you keep your helmet on. But there might be a couple…

8 years ago

UPDATE: Spacewalkers Zip Through Tasks To Fix Broken Computer

UPDATE, 11:42 a.m. EDT: Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson finished their spacewalk in just 1 hour and 36 minutes, nearly…

10 years ago

Robonaut 2 To Toddle And Waddle Around Space Station This Summer

Legs -- yes, legs -- are on the manifest for the next SpaceX Dragon flight. The commercial spacecraft is expected…

10 years ago

UPDATE: Six-Hour Spacewalk Yields Success for UrtheCast Cameras

UPDATE: As of Tuesday morning (Eastern time), UrtheCast announced that telemetry was successfully received, "contrary to the online broadcast of…

10 years ago

Leaky Spacesuit Fixed For Christmas Spacewalk Blitz On Station, NASA Says

When NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins steps into space for the first time this week, he will wear a spacesuit that…

11 years ago