space telescope

Lightweight Telescopes In CubeSats Using Carbon Nanotube Mirrors

Using carbon nanotubes, a team of NASA engineers has created a series of revolutionary new telescope mirrors for a Cubesat…

8 years ago

China Plans Space Telescope That Will Dock With Their Space Station

China's planned space telescope will dock with its space station for repairs and servicing.

8 years ago

Planetary Resources Looks to Crowdfund a Space Telescope for the Public

How much would you donate to have access to a space telescope … or just to have an orbital "selfie"?…

11 years ago

JPL Wants To FINESSE Info From Exoplanets

Jet Propulsion Laboratory's proposed FINESSE space telescope may not hunt for exoplanets, but it will find out what they're made…

12 years ago

What are Telescopes?

Early theories of the Universe were limited by the lack of telescopes. Many of modern astronomy's findings would never have…

16 years ago