space debris

Anti-Satellite Weapons Will Threaten Everyone’s Access to Space

It’s a headline straight out of the movies yet the White House has recently confirmed it believes that Russia is…

1 week ago

Astroscale’s Satellite is Now Chasing Down a Real Piece of Space Debris

Space debris is a thing.. It seems whether we explore the Earth or space we leave rubbish in our wake.…

1 week ago

European Satellite ERS-2 to Reenter Earth’s Atmosphere This Week

One of the largest reentries in recent years, ESA’s ERS-2 satellite is coming down this week.

2 weeks ago

ESA Plans to Eliminate New Space Debris by 2030

What can we do about space junk? We know how much debris is in orbit, and we know the problem…

4 months ago

It’s Time to Start Worrying About Space Junk Around the Moon, Too

Researchers look to track and mitigate the growing number of space junk objects around the Moon.

5 months ago

Samples Returned From Mars Will be Protected by a Micrometeorite Shield

NASA engineers are developing and testing a shielding system to protect the Mars Sample Return mission from micormeterites and space…

1 year ago

China uses drag sail to clear up space junk successfully.

Scientists at the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) have devised an ingenious way to combat the growing problem of…

1 year ago

China’s Long March Rocket Booster Makes Uncontrolled Reentry Back to Earth

A Chinese Long March 5B rocket first stage made an uncontrolled, fiery reentry through Earth’s atmosphere over Southeast Asia today…

2 years ago

Falling Space Junk has a 10% Chance of Killing Someone in the Next Decade

The statistics of how people die offer a gruesome but informative way to understand both how humans perceive threats and…

2 years ago

What Would a Sustainable Space Environment Look Like?

A new study paints a dire picture about Earth's orbital debris environment and highlights the need for mitigation strategies

2 years ago