Space Junk

A Russian Satellite Has Broken Into Pieces, Littering Debris in Space

A Russian KOSMOS 2499 satellite broke up last month -- for a second time -- according to the Space Force's…

2 months ago

Drag Sail Success! This Satellite Won't Turn Into Space Junk

The European Space Agency successfully tested a solar-sail-type device to speed up the deorbit time for a used cubesat carrier…

2 months ago

There’s a Cloud of Space Debris Around Earth. Here’s how we Could get a Better Picture of it

As we've reported here more than a few times - space debris is becoming more and more of a real…

4 months ago

China’s Long March Rocket Booster Makes Uncontrolled Reentry Back to Earth

A Chinese Long March 5B rocket first stage made an uncontrolled, fiery reentry through Earth’s atmosphere over Southeast Asia today…

8 months ago

Falling Space Junk has a 10% Chance of Killing Someone in the Next Decade

The statistics of how people die offer a gruesome but informative way to understand both how humans perceive threats and…

8 months ago

A Satellite had to Dodge Space Junk as it was Raising its Orbit to Avoid Solar Activity

The phrase "when it rains, it pours" is commonly used in the US to denote that bad things usually happen…

8 months ago

Engineers Build a gun That can Fire Projectiles at 10 km/s, Simulating High-Speed Space Debris Impacts

A team of Canadian engineers have built a gun that will help space agencies test materials that could provide shielding…

9 months ago

What Would a Sustainable Space Environment Look Like?

A new study paints a dire picture about Earth's orbital debris environment and highlights the need for mitigation strategies

1 year ago

A Chunk of Space Junk Just Hit the Far Side of the Moon

Observers have been tracking a chunk of space junk, waiting for it to strike the Moon. It should've hit the…

1 year ago

“Irresponsible” Russian Anti-Satellite Test Creates Orbital Debris Field, Endangering the Space Station and Crew

Early Monday, November 15, 2021, the International Space Station Flight Control team in Houston told the crew that due to…

1 year ago