Space Force Chooses its First “Guardian” to go to Space

Although the U.S. Space Force is tasked with military operations in regards to space, they've never actually sent one of…

4 months ago

Leaky Soyuz Capsule Returns to Earth

Roscosmos has safely returned the uncrewed Soyuz M-22 spacecraft to Earth, which suffered a coolant leak in December 2022.

1 year ago

NASA Astronaut and Cosmonauts Land Safely Together in Kazakhstan

After much speculation and concern the past month whether Russia would allow a US astronaut to ride back to Earth…

2 years ago

Record-Setting Space Travelers Return to Earth

A trio of space travelers returned to Earth this morning from the International Space Station, including NASA astronaut Christina Koch,…

4 years ago

Nine Astronauts from Four Different Space Agencies are on the International Space Station Right Now

The International Space Station's usual complement of six astronauts grew by 50% recently, making things a little crowded up there.…

5 years ago

Soyuz Launch Carrying Two Astronauts is Forced to Abort, Landing Safely Back on Earth

A Soyuz spacecraft carrying two crew members to the ISS has experienced a booster failure. The craft executed an emergency…

6 years ago

NASA’s Peggy Whitson Safely Returns Home in Soyuz from Record Breaking Stay in Space

NASA’s Peggy Whitson, America’s most experienced astronaut, returned to Earth safely and smiling Sunday morning on the steppes of Kazakhstan,…

7 years ago

Veteran Multinational Trio Launches on Soyuz and Arrives at International Space Station

An all veteran multinational trio of astronauts and cosmonauts rocketed to orbit aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule and safely arrived…

7 years ago

Soyuz Launches and Fast Track Docks to ISS with Russian-American Duo

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - A new Russian/American duo has arrived at the International Space Station this morning, April 20,…

7 years ago

Space Station Trio Touches Down on Earth as NASA’s Next Cargo Ship Targets Apr. 18 Blastoff

Comings and goings continue apace on the International Space Station! After living and working fruitfully for six months in space…

7 years ago