A Russian Satellite Has Shifted Within 60 km of Another Spacecraft

When it comes to saber-rattling, few countries employ it as much as Russia does. During their ongoing invasion and occupation…

8 months ago

NASA Satellite Spots the Crash Site for Luna 25

Poor Russia. They can't seem to get much right. Their most recent failure is their Luna 25 spacecraft. It was…

10 months ago

Russia's Luna 25 Lander Crashed Into the Moon

On Saturday, Aug. 19th, Russia's Luna-25 spacecraft suffered an engine malfunction and crashed its lunar lander on the Moon's surface.

10 months ago

Leaky Soyuz Capsule Returns to Earth

Roscosmos has safely returned the uncrewed Soyuz M-22 spacecraft to Earth, which suffered a coolant leak in December 2022.

1 year ago

Kazakhstan Seizes Russia's Launch Facility at Baikonur

The government of Kazakhstan has seized Baikonur Cosmodrome and Russian space assets, putting their efforts in space on pause.

1 year ago

A Replacement Soyuz Arrives Safely at the International Space Station

The crew of the International Space Station can now breathe a little easier. An uncrewed replacement Soyuz docked safely to…

1 year ago

Another Russian Spacecraft is Leaking Coolant

A Russian spacecraft docked with the ISS has reportedly suffered a coolant link for the second time in just a…

1 year ago

Russia Says They Plan to Leave International Space Station after 2024

According to Russia‚Äôs news agency Tass, leaders at Roscosmos have decided to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after…

2 years ago

Dmitry Rogozin is no Longer the Head of Roscosmos

According to recent reports, the inflammatary and blusterous Dimtry Rogozin has been replaced as head of Roscosmos.

2 years ago

Russia Says it’ll Quit the International Space Station Over Sanctions. Also, Russia Says a lot of Stuff That Doesn’t Happen

When Russia sent its armed forces into Ukraine amidst accusations of Nazism and NATO aggression, it left most of its…

2 years ago