Russia Says They Plan to Leave International Space Station after 2024

According to Russia‚Äôs news agency Tass, leaders at Roscosmos have decided to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after…

2 months ago

Dmitry Rogozin is no Longer the Head of Roscosmos

According to recent reports, the inflammatary and blusterous Dimtry Rogozin has been replaced as head of Roscosmos.

2 months ago

Russia Says it’ll Quit the International Space Station Over Sanctions. Also, Russia Says a lot of Stuff That Doesn’t Happen

When Russia sent its armed forces into Ukraine amidst accusations of Nazism and NATO aggression, it left most of its…

5 months ago

NASA Astronaut and Cosmonauts Land Safely Together in Kazakhstan

After much speculation and concern the past month whether Russia would allow a US astronaut to ride back to Earth…

6 months ago

Three Cosmonauts Arrive at the ISS Wearing Bright Yellow Jumpsuits

Seriously, what was up with those yellow uniforms? Not much, it seems! Things aboard the ISS are as they've always…

6 months ago

Wondering how Dependant ISS is on Russia? NASA Gives the Details

In response to growing concerns about the fate of the ISS, NASA has released an FAQ session that will put…

6 months ago

Russian Space Agency Employees are now Forbidden to Travel Outside Russia (Because They Might not Come Back)

As Russia wages its terrible war against its neighbour Ukraine, the deteriorating situation inside Russia is leading many Russians to…

7 months ago

Russian Space Agency Tweets a Bizarre Video Showing the Russian Modules Detaching From ISS

Amid the chaos of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a video has appeared online that shows the Russian segment of…

7 months ago

“Irresponsible” Russian Anti-Satellite Test Creates Orbital Debris Field, Endangering the Space Station and Crew

Early Monday, November 15, 2021, the International Space Station Flight Control team in Houston told the crew that due to…

11 months ago

Cosmonauts Find Cracks in the Aging Zarya ISS Module

Cosmonauts aboard the ISS have reported new cracks in the Zarya module, the latest indication that the ISS is showing…

1 year ago