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The Spaceport America Cup Joins Crowdsourcing Platform HeroX to Propel Student Innovation!

The 2020 Spaceport America Cup will be the largest to date, thanks to a new collaboration with crowdsourcing powerhouse HeroX!

4 years ago

NASA Fires a Rocket into the Northern Lights, for Science!

Not only is it aurora season in Alaska, its sounding rocket season! NASA started launching a series of five sounding…

7 years ago

What Left These Spooky Trails in the Sky?

Ball lightning? Spectral orbs? Swamp gas? Early this morning, May 7, these eerie glowing trails were seen in the sky…

11 years ago

Armadillo Aerospace Successfully Lauches a Sounding Rocket from Spaceport America

Over the weekend Armadillo Aerospace successfully launched an advanced sounding rocket from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The launch took…

12 years ago

Ride Along with a Sounding Rocket

Earlier this year, a sounding rocket was launched to measure solar energy output and calibrate the EVE instrument on the…

13 years ago

India Launched 11 Rockets to Monitor Eclipse

India launched a small fleet of rockets to monitor the effects of the annular solar eclipse that occurred today. A…

14 years ago