Three New Astronauts Arrive at the Chinese Space Station, Including the Country's First Civilian

China's Shenzou-16 mission just delivered three taikonauts to the Tiangong space station, performing the most complicated docking maneuver ever attempted

6 days ago

It’s Time to Figure Out How to Land Large Spacecraft Safely on Other Worlds

One of the most iconic events in history is Apollo 11 landing on the lunar surface. During the descent, astronauts…

3 weeks ago

Look out, Starship! China is Building a Massive Reusable Rocket!

China just showed off the massive storage tank that will be part of the super-heavy launch vehicle, the Long March…

3 months ago

An Extremely Lightweight Fission Rocket Could Reach the Solar Gravitational Lens in 15 Years

Novel propulsion ideas for moving around space seem like they're a dime a dozen recently. Besides the typical argument between…

4 months ago

The New Ariane 6 Heavy Lift Rocket is Finally on the Launch Pad, But Won’t Liftoff Until Late 2023

A prototype of ESA’s new heavy lift rocket is now fully assembled and sitting on the launchpad at Europe’s Spaceport…

8 months ago

Uncontrolled Rocket Reentries are a Bigger Problem Than you Think

Over 60% of the launches in 2020 resulted in one or more rocket parts making an uncontrolled reentry into the…

8 months ago

Companies Will Have Five Years to Dispose of Their Dead Satellites

Kessler syndrome seems to be a growing fear for those interested in space exploration. The condition where numerous non-functional pieces…

8 months ago

The Saturn V was Incomprehensibly Loud. Like Thousands of jet Aircraft Taking off Together

What's the loudest sound you've ever heard? Many people will say an aircraft engine unless they are lucky enough to…

9 months ago

Rocketlab Sent This Engine to Space and Then Retrieved it. A new Test Shows it’s Still Working Fine

Reusable rocket engines have become all the rage lately, even as NASA's continually delayed Artemis I mission attempts to launch…

9 months ago

Artemis 1 Goes Back to the Launch pad, Getting Ready for its August 29th Blastoff

The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft now sits on the launchpad, ready for liftoff on a journey…

10 months ago