Next Generation Satellites Might Skim the Atmosphere, Using Air as a Propellant

Satellites in orbit use rocket propulsion to maintain their altitude. These engines require fuel to power their chemical or ion…

1 week ago

ESA Sets the Launch Date for Ariane 6: July 9th

The European Space Agency has retired its Ariane 5 rocket, and all eyes are on its next generation, Ariane 6.…

2 weeks ago

NASA’s New Solar Sail Has Launched and Will Soon Deploy

Solar Sails are an enigmatic and majestic way to travel across the gulf of space. Drawing an analogy to the…

2 months ago

Thermal Modeling of a Pulsed Plasma Rocket Shows It Should Be Possible To Create One

We've reported on a technology called pulsed plasma rockets (PPRs) here at UT a few times. Several research groups have…

3 months ago

China Tests an All-Solid Rocket

China has a rich history in rocketry. It’s even found its place into Chinese legends with the wonderful tale of…

5 months ago

A Self-Eating Engine Could Make Rockets More Efficient

There can’t be many ideas that beat the crazy yet ingenious idea of a rocket engine that uses part of…

5 months ago

ESA Gives Us a Glimpse of its Future Space Exploration Plans with a Cool New Video

The European Space Agency (ESA) has made incredible contributions to space exploration and space-based science. Last year, the agency launched…

6 months ago

Photonic Crystals Could Be Exactly What Breakthrough Starshot is Looking For

Light sail technology is a fascinating concept and a step change in rocket propulsion.  It may not be big and…

6 months ago

NASA Tests a 3D Printed Aluminum Rocket Nozzle

NASA recently test fired an engine that uses 3D-printed aluminum rocket nozzles, which could be a game changer for space…

8 months ago

Reusable Rockets Could Fly Back to Their Launch Sites With Wings

A study supported by the French Space Agency describes a "reusability kit" that will make any first stage booster retrievable.

12 months ago