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solar wind

Space Weather Forecasts can now give Satellites One Whole Day of Warning when a Killer Solar Storm is Inbound

Earth's fleet of satellites is in a vulnerable position. When solar activity increases, high-energy particles are directed toward Earth. Our…

7 months ago

Rosetta Flew Through the Bow Shock of Comet 67P Several Times During its Mission

According to a new analysis of Rosetta data, the orbiter passed through the bow shock of Comet 67/P several times…

11 months ago

The Sun is Actually One of the Most Difficult Places to Reach in the Solar System. Here’s how the Parker Solar Probe Will Do It

The Parker Solar Probe, which will spend the next seven years getting closer to the Sun than any previous mission,…

1 year ago

Watch the Sun to Know When We’re Going to Have Killer Auroras

Scientists are getting better at predicting colorful auroras here on Earth by closely watching the behavior of the Sun.

2 years ago

Mars Express Captures Mars’ Moving Bow Shock

A team of European scientists analyzed five years worth of Mars Express data, which revealed interesting things about how its…

2 years ago

Flying Into the Sun? NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Mission

NASA is planning a mission to get as close as possible as we can to the Sun and reveal its…

2 years ago

What is the Mars Curse?

If you’re going to send a spacecraft to Mars, you’ve got to know that place has an insatiable hunger for…

3 years ago

How Can We Save The Sun?

Bad news, our Sun is living on borrowed time. It’s only got a few billion years left. But there might…

3 years ago

A Dark Region Is Growing Eerily On The Sun’s Surface

Images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory have spotted a growing dark region called a coronal hole, which is the cause…

3 years ago

ESA Discovers Where All The Missing Socks Have Been Going

Thanks to the ESA's Cluster mission, scientists now know that part of the plasma found in our magnetosphere is coming…

3 years ago