satellite internet

China Has Begun Launching its Own Satellite Internet Network

China just launched the first in a series of broadband internet satellites, which could lead to another mega-constellation.

11 months ago

Starlink is the Only Communications Link for Some Ukrainian Towns, but the Terminals Could Also be a Target

Starlink's satellite internet is the only means of communication for some people in the Ukraine, though the services could pose…

2 years ago

A Solution to Space Junk: Satellites Made of Mushrooms?

According "cyber farmer" Max Justice, a solution to the growing problem of space junk and toxic chemicals could come in…

3 years ago

One of the Terms of Service For Starlink is that You “Recognize Mars as a Free Planet”

In May of 2019, SpaceX began launching its Starlink constellation with the launch of its first 60 satellites. To date,…

4 years ago

About 3% of Starlinks Have Failed So Far

A new analysis indicates that 3% of Starlink satellites have failed since they were launched to orbit, which could mean…

4 years ago

SpaceX is Thinking of Spinning Off Starlink and Taking it Public

SpaceX recently announced that it could be taking Starlink public, giving investors a chance to get a piece of this…

4 years ago

Move Over SpaceX. Amazon Wants To Launch Thousands of Internet Satellites Too

Back in April 2019 Amazon signaled its intention to get into the internet satellite business. Following in the footsteps of…

5 years ago

SpaceX has Lost Contact With 3 of its Starlink Satellites

Back in May 23rd, 2019, SpaceX launched the first batch of its Starlink constellation, a fleet of satellites that will…

5 years ago

SpaceX’s Starlink Constellation Construction Begins. 2,200 Satellites Will go up Over the Next 5 years

Musk recently announced that SpaceX will begin deploying the first batch of its internet satellites next year and continuing until…

5 years ago

Awesome Atlas Ferocious Fury Delivers Next Gen High Speed EchoStar 19 Internet Sat to Orbit for America

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL - The mighty Atlas V rocket put on an awesome display of ferocious fury…

7 years ago