quark stars

Is There a way to Detect Strange Quark Stars, Even Though They Look Almost Exactly Like White Dwarfs?

If quark matter stars exist, they could look like white dwarfs that are unusually small.

4 years ago

Do neutron star collisions produce black holes?

A new study looks at how neutron stars can merge to create a black hole.

4 years ago

Astronomers Just Detected Either the Least Massive Black Hole, or a Strange and Massive Neutron Star

Somewhere around 2.5 solar masses is the line between black holes and neutron stars. Now we've found an object right…

4 years ago

Neutron Stars Could Have a Layer of Exotic Quark Matter Inside Them

Deep inside a neutron star, neutrons are packed so tightly that they can break apart into quarks. As a result…

4 years ago

How CERN’s Discovery of Exotic Particles May Affect Astrophysics

You may have heard that CERN announced the discovery (confirmation, actually. See addendum below.) of a strange particle known as Z(4430).  A…

10 years ago