Primordial Black Holes

Could There Be a Black Hole Inside the Sun?

Primordial black holes are one explanation for dark matter, although it's not widely accepted. These black holes would have formed…

4 months ago

If We Could Find Them, Primordial Black Holes Would Explain a Lot About the Universe

As far as we know, black holes can only be formed by the death of massive stars, but a persistent…

5 months ago

Roman Could Finally Tell Us if Primordial Black Holes Exist

When the Universe erupted into existence with the Big Bang, all of its matter was compressed into a tiny area.…

6 months ago

Primordial Black Holes May Have “Frozen” the Early Universe

Primordial holes formed in the exotic conditions of the big bang may have become their own source of matter and…

1 year ago

Did Supermassive Black Holes Collapse Directly out of Giant Clouds of gas? It Could Depend on Magnetic Fields

New research shows how the seeds of Supermassive Black Holes (SMBHs) could have formed from gas clouds with amplified magnetic…

1 year ago

Primordial Black Holes Could Have Triggered the Formation of Supermassive Black Holes

Computer simulations show the role primordial black holes may have played in the early universe, but the process isn't clear…

2 years ago

Primordial Black Holes Could Explain Dark Matter and the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes at the Same Time

The James Webb telescope might discover primordial black holes in the near future.

2 years ago

Gravitational-Wave Observatories Should be Able to Detect Primordial Black Hole Mergers, if They’re out There

The tumultuous era of the big bang may have been chaotic enough to flood the universe with primordial black holes.…

3 years ago

Gravitational-Wave Detector Could Sense Merging Primordial Black Holes With the Mass of a Planet, Millions of Light-Years Away

A new idea for detecting gravitational waves might allow us to discover planet-mass primordial black holes.

3 years ago