Primordial Black Holes

Primordial Black Holes Could Have Triggered the Formation of Supermassive Black Holes

Computer simulations show the role primordial black holes may have played in the early universe, but the process isn't clear…

2 months ago

Primordial Black Holes Could Explain Dark Matter and the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes at the Same Time

The James Webb telescope might discover primordial black holes in the near future.

9 months ago

Gravitational-Wave Observatories Should be Able to Detect Primordial Black Hole Mergers, if They’re out There

The tumultuous era of the big bang may have been chaotic enough to flood the universe with primordial black holes.…

12 months ago

Gravitational-Wave Detector Could Sense Merging Primordial Black Holes With the Mass of a Planet, Millions of Light-Years Away

A new idea for detecting gravitational waves might allow us to discover planet-mass primordial black holes.

1 year ago

What's the Connection Between Stellar-Mass Black Holes and Dark Matter?

The smallest black hole we've observed might prove dark matter is made of primordial black holes.

2 years ago

If Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole, We Might Be Able to See Flares When it Consumes Comets

A comet-eating black hole the size of a planet? It's possible. And if there's one out there in the distant…

2 years ago

Planetary Mass Objects Discovered in Other Galaxies

A team of researchers at the University of Oklahoma have discovered "planetary mass bodies" outside of the Milky Way. They…

3 years ago

Now We Know That Dark Matter Isn’t Primordial Black Holes

A new study by an international team of scientists has tested Hawking's theory of dark matter, and ruled out that…

3 years ago

Dark Matter Isn’t Made From Black Holes

A new study by a team of UC Berkeley researchers has shown that black holes are not the long-sought-after source…

4 years ago

Towards A New Understanding Of Dark Matter

Could Primordial Black Holes be what the Universe's dark matter is made of?

6 years ago