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There’s One Last Place Planet 9 Could Be Hiding

 A recently submitted study to The Astronomical Journal continues to search for the elusive Planet Nine (also called Planet X),…

2 weeks ago

There Could Be Captured Planets in the Oort Cloud

The early Solar System was a turbulent and chaotic place with icy material hurled far from the Sun, becoming the…

8 months ago

Maybe the Elusive Planet 9 Doesn’t Exist After All

Oh Planet Nine, when will you stop toying with us? Whether you call it Planet Nine, Planet X, the Perturber,…

4 years ago

The Record for the Most Distant Object in the Solar System has been Shattered. Introducing FarFarOut at 140 Astronomical Units

Remember Far Out, the distant planet at the far reaches of the Solar System, that was discovered in December, 2018?…

5 years ago

New Dwarf Planet Found in the Outskirts of the Solar System, Giving Astronomers More Ammunition to Search for Evidence of Planet 9

Astronomers have found a new dwarf planet way out beyond Pluto that never gets closer than 65 AUs to the…

5 years ago

It Might Not be Planet 9 Causing Disruptions in the Kuiper Belt, Just the Collective Gravity of Everything Out There

According to a new study by a team from CU Boulder, Planet 9 may not be necessary to explain the…

6 years ago

What are the Chances that the Next Generation LSST Could Find New Planets in the Solar System?

In a new study led by the Lowell Observatory, a team of researchers indicate how the next-generation Large Synoptic Survey…

6 years ago

Is Planet X Linked to Mass Extinctions?

Two researchers believe that the hypothetical "Planet Nine" may be responsible for cyclic extinctions seen in the biological record.

8 years ago

Astronomers Find Theoretical Evidence for Distant Gas Giant Planet in Our Solar System

The astronomer known worldwide for vigorously promoting the demotion of Pluto from its decades long perch as the 9th Planet,…

8 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – Dec. 11, 2015: Carolyn Collins Petersen

In this week's episode of the Weekly Space Hangout, we're joined by Carolyn Collins Petersen, aka "The Space Writer". We…

8 years ago