Existing Telescopes Could Directly Observe ‘ExoEarths…’ with a Few Tweaks

One proposal offers a unique method to directly image ExoEarths, or rocky worlds around nearby stars.

3 weeks ago

Rare Images of Red Sprites Captured at ESO

At the ESO's observatories located high in the Atacama Desert of Chile, amazing images of distant objects in the Universe are…

9 years ago

The Paranal and the Shadow of the Earth

This beautiful photo, taken by ESO photo ambassador Babak Tafreshi, shows the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope array and VISTA…

12 years ago

Makemake’s Mysteriously Missing Atmosphere

Artist's impression of the surface of Makemake, a dwarf planet beyond Pluto (ESO/L. Calçada/Nick Risinger) It turns out there's no…

12 years ago

How to Measure a Hot Jupiter

An international team of astronomers has figured out a way to determine details of an exoplanet's atmosphere from 50 light-years…

12 years ago

How Do The Biggest Telescopes Work?

[/caption] Located high in the mountains of Chile's Atacama Desert, the enormous telescopes of the European Southern Observatory have been…

12 years ago

VISTA View Is Chock Full Of Galaxies

[/caption] See all those tiny points of light in this image? Most of them aren't stars; they're entire galaxies, seen…

12 years ago

Erasure and VLT Team Up for ESO’s 50th Anniversary

[/caption] British synthpop band Erasure released a video today featuring lead singer Andy Bell in front of the telescopes of…

12 years ago

New VLT Survey Telescope Opens Wide Eyes to the Universe

[/caption] There's a new telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile and what big eyes it has! The VLT Survey…

13 years ago