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NASA Studies Whether to Add Crew to 1st SLS Megarocket Moon Launch in 2019

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - At the request of the new Trump Administration, NASA has initiated a month long study…

3 years ago

NASA To Study Launching Astronauts on 1st SLS/Orion Flight

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - In a potentially major change in direction for NASA’s human spaceflight architecture, the agency is…

3 years ago

NASA’s Orion EM-1 Crew Module Passes Critical Pressure Tests

The next Orion crew module in line to launch to space on NASA’s Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) has passed a…

4 years ago

NASA Welds First Flight Section of SLS Core Stage for 2018 Maiden Launch

One weld at a time, the flight hardware for NASA's mammoth new Space Launch System (SLS) booster has at last…

4 years ago

NASA’s Orion Crew Module Backbone Arrives at KSC Aboard Super Guppy for Exploration Mission-1

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER - Looking amazingly like a fish flying across the skies high above the Florida space coast, NASA’s…

4 years ago