orbital resonance

It Doesn’t Take Much to Get Tilted Planets

Chinese and Indian astronomers were the first to measure Earth's axial tilt accurately, and they did it about 3,000 years…

7 months ago

Building Planetary Systems That Could Last Forever

An advanced civilization might use horseshoe orbits to bring their vacation spots closer to home.

1 year ago

A new way to see Inside Neutron Stars

Astronomers study neutron stars using a method made famous by jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

3 years ago

Exoplanetary System Found With 6 Worlds in Orbital Resonance

200 light-years away from Earth, there's a K-type main-sequence star named TOI (TESS Object of Interest) 178. When Adrian Leleu,…

3 years ago

Astronomers Find a Planet With Three Times the Mass of Jupiter

Jupiter is the Boss. Well, in terms of planets in our Solar System it is. It's played a huge role…

4 years ago

Astronomers Find a Six-Planet System Which Orbit in Lockstep With Each Other

Astronomers have found a star system with six exoplanets that orbit with an almost perfect 3:2 resonance.

4 years ago

Two of Neptune’s Moons Dance Around Each Other as they Orbit

Like a long-married couple accustomed to each other's kitchen habits, two of Neptune's moons are masters at sharing space without…

5 years ago

What is the Weather Like on Mercury?

The weather on Mercury, such as it is, consists of extreme highs and extreme lows in temperature, owing to its…

7 years ago

How Does Mercury Compare to Earth?

Mercury and Earth are a study in contrasts, with serious differences in their orbits, atmospheres, surface temperatures, and annual/diurnal cycles.…

7 years ago

Could the Closest Extrasolar Planet Be Habitable? Astronomers Plan to Find Out

According to a series of simulations conducted by scientists from the University of Exeter and the Met Office, it is…

7 years ago