ocean worlds

What Can We Learn Flying Through the Plumes at Enceladus?

In the next decade, space agencies will expand the search for extraterrestrial life beyond Mars, where all of our astrobiology…

1 month ago

Saturn’s “Death Star Moon” Mimas Probably has an Ocean Too

A recent study published in Nature presents a groundbreaking discovery that Saturn’s moon, Mimas, commonly known as the “Death Star”…

2 months ago

17 Known Exoplanets Could Have Oceans of Liquid Water

The search for life is tied to the search for liquid water. That's why astronomers are so keen on detecting…

4 months ago

Europa Clipper Could Help Discover if Jupiter's Moon is Habitable

Since 1979, when the Voyager probes flew past Jupiter and its system of moons, scientists have speculated about the possibility…

5 months ago

A Swarm Of Swimming Microbots Could Be Deployed To Europa’s Ocean

Europa and other ocean worlds in our solar system have recently attracted much attention. They are thought to be some…

8 months ago

Four of Uranus’ Moons Might Have Liquid Oceans, Too

The study of ocean worlds, planetary bodies with potential interior reservoirs of liquid water, has come to the forefront in…

11 months ago

Moons Orbiting Rogue Planets Could be Habitable

A new study reveals how rogue planets could have "Ocean World" moons that may support life.

1 year ago

Hubble and Spitzer Team up to Find a Pair of Waterworld Exoplanets

Using data from Hubble and Spitzer, an international team has discovered two new waterworlds in one system.

1 year ago

NASA has Built a Collection of Instruments That Will Search for Life Inside Europa and Enceladus

Scientists at NASA JPL and Colorado University have created a new instrument for finding signs of life, called the Ocean…

2 years ago

A Swarm of Swimming Robots to Search for Life Under the Ice on Europa

When Galileo pointed his telescope at Jupiter 400 years ago, he saw three blobs of light around the giant planet,…

2 years ago