observing jupiter

Jupiter at Opposition 2022, Closest in 59 Years

Be sure to observe Jupiter this week, during its finest apparition of a lifetime.

2 years ago

By Jove: Our 2016 Guide to Jupiter at Opposition

Get ready for Jupiter's opposition for the year, with our complete guide to observing the largest planet in 2016.

8 years ago

Catch Jupiter Homing in on Venus Through June

Are you ready to hear an upswing in queries from friends/family and/or strangers on Twitter asking “what are those two…

9 years ago

Observing Challenge: Catch a Series of Mutual Eclipses by Jupiter’s Moons

Missing the planets this month? With Mars receding slowly to the west behind the Sun at dusk, the early evening…

9 years ago

‘Tis the Season to Spot Jupiter: A Guide to the 2014 Opposition

Lovers of planetary action rejoice; the king of the planets is returning to the evening skies. One of the very…

10 years ago