Extrasolar Object Interceptor Would be Able to Chase Down the Next Oumuamua or Borisov and Actually Return a Sample

What if we had the ability to chase down interstellar objects passing through our Solar System, like Oumuamua or Comet…

7 months ago

Exploring the Moon’s Shadowed Regions Using Beamed Energy

NASA is exploring new concepts for its long-awaited return to the Moon, one of which promises to "beam" power wherever…

9 months ago

NASA Invests in a Plan to Build Landing Pads and Other Structures on the Moon out of Regolith

Materials are a crucial yet underappreciated component of any space exploration program.  Without novel materials and ways to make them,…

9 months ago

Robotic asteroid mining spacecraft wins a grant from NASA

This year, the NASA's NIAC Program is looking at some really interesting ideas - such as a water-powered, laser-shooting, asteroid-mining…

2 years ago

NASA Invests In Radical Game-Changing Concepts For Exploration

As part of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program, NASA recently announced 13 radical proposals for funding and development

6 years ago

Robot Spacecraft Swarm Among Group Tapped For More NASA Funding

How do crazy but neat ideas such as the Mars crane make it to space? It's through years, sometimes decades,…

7 years ago

Study Looks at Making Asteroid Mining Viable

Artist concept of the Robotic Asteroid Prospector. Credit: Marc Cohen et al. There’s been a lot of buzz in the…

9 years ago

NASA Looking at Dozens of Advanced Technology Concepts

The Contour Crafting Simulation Plan for Lunar Settlement Infrastructure Build-Up, a NIAC-supported concept. Rendering courtesy of Behnaz Farahi and Connor…

9 years ago

Space Exploration By Robot Swarm

[/caption] With all there's yet to learn about our solar system from the many smaller worlds that reside within it…

10 years ago

NIAC is Back: NASA Funds 30 Innovative Ideas that Just Might Work

[/caption] What do these three things have in common: space debris elimination using an air gun, a heat shield made…

10 years ago