NASA Invests in New Nuclear Rocket Concept for the Future of Space Exploration and Astrophysics

In the coming years, NASA plans to send several astrobiology missions to Venus and Mars to search for evidence of…

1 month ago

NASA Selects Bold Proposal to “Swarm” Proxima Centauri with Tiny Probes

Humans have dreamed about traveling to other star systems and setting foot on alien worlds for generations. To put it…

2 months ago

Lost In Space? Just Use Relativity

One of the hardest things for many people to conceptualize when talking about how fast something is going is that…

2 months ago

A Swarm Of Swimming Microbots Could Be Deployed To Europa’s Ocean

Europa and other ocean worlds in our solar system have recently attracted much attention. They are thought to be some…

6 months ago

Deploying a Huge Antenna On The Moon Could Study Its Insides

Understanding what lies under the lunar surface could be critical to future exploration efforts. A series of missions have already…

7 months ago

A Helicopter is Going to Titan. Could an Airplane be Next?

What are the hydrocarbon seas on Titan really like? While the upcoming Dragonfly helicopter mission to Saturn’s hazy and frigid…

12 months ago

An Extremely Lightweight Fission Rocket Could Reach the Solar Gravitational Lens in 15 Years

Novel propulsion ideas for moving around space seem like they're a dime a dozen recently. Besides the typical argument between…

1 year ago

If an Earthlike Planet is Within 30 Light-Years, This Space Telescope Will Find it

There has long been a limiting factor in the development of space-based telescopes - launch fairings. These capsules essentially limit…

1 year ago

Future Space Telescopes Could be 100 Meters Across, Constructed in Space, and Then Bent Into a Precise Shape

An MIT team proposes a new method for in-space assembly to built a self-adjusting 100 m (328 ft) space telescope

1 year ago

Study Shows How Cells Could Help Artemis Astronauts Exercise

New research aims to ensure astronauts' health by mimicking the human body's response to exercise.

1 year ago