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New Study Shows How Breaching “Carbon Threshold” Could Trigger Mass Extinction in Earth’s Oceans

A NASA and NSF-supported study by an MIT geophysicist indicates that carbon emissions could push the Earth's oceans past a…

1 year ago

Dr. Avi Loeb Thinks the Government Should set its Sights on Big Ideas in Space Exploration

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, a Harvard Professor and former White House science advisor recommend…

1 year ago

Pulsar Seen Speeding Away From the Supernova That Created it

Recent observations have revealed a pulsar that appears to have been accelerated by the very supernova explosion that created it.

2 years ago

NSF Report Biased, Expert Says: Americans Don’t Think Astrology is Scientific

Every Thanksgiving when I was home from college, at least one family member would turn to me and ask me…

7 years ago

US Astronomy Facing Severe Budget Cuts and Facility Closures

The US astronomy budget is facing unprecedented cuts with potential closures of several facilities. A new report by the National…

8 years ago