Mount Sharp

Mars’ Gale Crater was Filled with Water for Much Longer Than Anyone Thought

Even with all we've learned about Mars in recent years, it doesn't stack up against all we still don't know…

4 months ago

Curiosity Just Found its Strongest Evidence of Ancient Water and Waves on Mars

This week, NASA’s Curiosity rover stumbled across the best evidence yet that liquid water once covered much of Mars in…

1 year ago

Curiosity is Going to Find a new Route Around This Tricky Patch Called “Gator-Back Terrain”

Curiosity rover recently encountered "gator-back terrain," the sharp rocks that caused the first breaks in its wheels back in 2017.

2 years ago

At One Time, This Region of Mars was Inundated by a “Megaflood”

A new study of the Curiosity rover's data has show that the Gale Crater once experienced massive flooding, bolstering the…

4 years ago

NASA used Curiosity’s Sensors to Measure the Gravity of a Mountain on Mars

Some very clever people have figured out how to use MSL Curiosity's navigation sensors to measure the gravity of a…

5 years ago

The Bizarre Picture is a 360-Degree View Around Curiosity on Mars

NASA recently released a 360-degree panoramic image based on images taken by the Curiosity rover, which showed its latest drilling…

6 years ago

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Enjoys its 2000th Day on Mars

The Curiosity rover recently passed another major milestone. Since it landed in 2012, it has spent a total of 2000…

6 years ago

Curiosity has Lasted More than 2,000 Days on Mars, Triple its Original Mission Plan

The Curiosity rover recently reached another milestone, having spent over 2000 days on Mars. In this time, it has revealed…

6 years ago

See NASA’s Curiosity Rover Simultaneously from Orbit and Red Planet’s Surface Climbing Mount Sharp

You can catch a glimpse of what its like to see NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover simultaneously high overhead from orbit…

7 years ago

Curiosity’s Battered Wheels Show First Breaks

A routine check by the Curiosity science team revealed that breaks have formed in the rover's left middle wheel since…

7 years ago