moon base

Astronaut Pee Will Help Build Bases on the Moon

In a strange development, a new ESA-supported study has shown that urine could actually help astronauts build bases on the…

7 months ago

NASA is Testing a Coating to Help Astronauts and Their Equipment Shed Dangerous Lunar Dust

NASA is developing an advanced new coating that could protect everything from spacecraft systems to astronauts from harmful lunar dust.

12 months ago

How Do We Colonize the Moon?

Welcome back to our series on Colonizing the Solar System! Today, we take a look at that closest of celestial…

1 year ago

Dust off Your Lunar Colony Plans. There’s Definitely Ice at the Moon’s Poles.

A team of American scientists have found the first definitive evidence of water on the Moon, which makes plans for…

2 years ago

Building Bricks on the Moon From Lunar Dust

As part of their plan to establish an "international lunar village" on the Moon in the coming decades, the ESA…

2 years ago

Upcoming Chinese Lander Will Carry Insects and Plants to the Surface of the Moon

This year, China's Chang'e 4 mission will head to the far side of the Moon to study the local geology…

3 years ago

Europe & China Discuss Moonbase Partnership

The ESA and Chinese National Space Agency have announced their plans to create a "Moon Village" on the lunar surface…

4 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – June 10, 2016: Dr. Chris McKay

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: NASA Astrobiologist Dr. Chris McKay organized an August 2014 workshop to discuss the future…

4 years ago

How Do We Terraform The Moon?

Given its proximity to Earth and our history of exploring it, colonizing and terraforming the Moon could be much easier…

5 years ago

Moonbase by 2022 For $10 Billion, Says NASA

According to a series of articles produced by NASA and industry specialists, a lunar base could be built in a…

5 years ago