We Might Have a New Mini-Moon Soon

Is it a new asteroid mini--moon or a human-made mini-moon? That’s the question about a small object approaching Earth, called…

3 years ago

Summer Astronomy, Minimoon & Saturn Opposition 2017

There's one reason to stay up late this summer, as the planet Saturn reaches opposition this week on June 15th…

7 years ago

101 Astronomical Events for 2017: A Teaser

A comprehensive guide to astronomical oppositions, occultations, eclipses, comets and more for 2017.

7 years ago

November’s Supermoon 2016 – Closest of a Lifetime?

By now, you've heard the news. We'll spare you the "it's a bird, it's a plane..." routine to usher in…

7 years ago

April Lunacy: Getting Ready for the Full ‘Mini-Moon’

Why this week's Full Moon is the smallest of 2016. It's Mini-Moon season!

8 years ago

The Mini-Moon Cometh: Catch the Smallest Full Moon of 2015 This Thursday

Supermoons. Blood Moons. Moons both Black and Blue… by now, you’d think that there was nothing new under the Sun…

9 years ago

A “MiniMoon” Seen Around the World

So, did last night’s Full Wolf Moon seem a bit tinier than usual? It was no illusion, as avid readers…

10 years ago

See the Smallest Full Moon of 2014: It’s the “Return of the Mini-Moon”

 Last month, (and last year) we wrote about the visually smallest Full Moon of 2013. Now, in a followup  act, our…

10 years ago

The 2013 Super and Mini Moon Together in One Photo

Astrophotographer Giuseppe Petricca from Pisa, Tuscany, Italy managed to capture two of the very 'special' full Moons from 2013 and…

10 years ago