Earth’s Atmosphere is Our Best Defence Against Nearby Supernovae

Earth's protective atmosphere has sheltered life for billions of years, creating a haven where evolution produced complex lifeforms like us.…

4 weeks ago

Measuring Exoplanetary Magnetospheres with the Square Kilometer Array

Life on Earth would not be possible without food, water, light, a breathable atmosphere and surprisingly, a magnetic field. Without…

3 months ago

Millions of Satellites Could Have a Profound Effect on the Earth’s Ionosphere

Hardly a day goes by where a story hits the headlines about our abuse of the Earth’s precious environment be…

7 months ago

Earth’s Past and Future Habitability Depends on Our Protection from Space Weather

A bewildering number of factors and variables led up to the planet we occupy today, where life finds a way…

8 months ago

Jupiter’s “Stripes” Change Color. Now We Might Know Why

While Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is one of the most well-known spectacles in the solar system, Jupiter’s clouds and stripes…

1 year ago

An Astronomical First! A Radiation Belt Seen Outside the Solar System

For the first time, a team of astronomers has imaged the radiation belt of an object from beyond the Solar…

1 year ago

The Earth's Magnetosphere Could be Used as a Gravitational Wave Observatory

The magnetospheres of Earth and Jupiter might be used to observe high-frequency gravitational waves.

1 year ago

One Exciting way to Find Planets: Detect the Signals From Their Magnetospheres

Some exoplanets could be discovered by tuning into their radio transmissions.

2 years ago

Researchers Create a Plasma Bubble With Lasers That Could Provide Propulsion or an Artificial Magnetosphere

Lasers are useful for a lot of things. They made CDs work (when they were still a thing). They also…

2 years ago

Marsquakes are Caused by Shifting Magma

Before the InSight Lander arrived on Mars, scientists could only estimate what the planet's internal structure might be. Its size,…

2 years ago