An Absolutely Bonkers Plan to Give Mars an Artificial Magnetosphere

To terraform Mars, we will need to give it a protective magnetic field. Here's how we might do it.

3 weeks ago

Did the Moon Ever Have a Magnetosphere?

New research led by Rochester University has shown the Moon had a short-lived magnetosphere, which has implications for future lunar…

4 months ago

A Lunar Farside Telescope Could Detect Exoplanets Through Their Magnetospheres

Earth's ionosphere blocks us from seeing radio aurora on distant worlds, but a radio telescope on the Moon would let…

5 months ago

Super-Earth Conditions Simulated in the Lab to Discover if They’re Habitable

Researchers recently simulated what geological conditions would be like on Super-Earths, and found that a few known exoplanets are worth…

10 months ago

Electrons Can Get Accelerated to Nearly the Speed of Light As They Interact With the Earth’s Magnetosphere

Electrons serve many purposes in physics.  They are used by some particle accelerators and they underpin our modern world in…

10 months ago

Mars Doesn’t Have Much of a Magnetosphere, But Here’s a Map

Even though Earthling scientists are studying Mars intently, it's still a mysterious place. One of the striking things about Mars…

2 years ago

Detecting Exoplanets Through Their Exoauroras

A team of scientists from the Netherlands have proposed an exciting new approach for finding exoplanets: look for signs of…

2 years ago

The Moon’s Magnetosphere Used to be Twice as Strong as the Earth’s

A new MIT-led study has shown how the Moon once had a more powerful magnetic field than Earth and why…

2 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 515: Space Radiation

Space is a hostile environment in so many ways. But one of its worst features is the various kinds of…

3 years ago

Now That NASA’s Missing IMAGE Satellite Has Been Found, Talking To It Is Going To Be Difficult

NASA has confirmed that their missing IMAGE satellite was indeed located by an amateur astronomer in Canada. But re-establishing contact…

4 years ago