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Record-Setting Space Travelers Return to Earth

A trio of space travelers returned to Earth this morning from the International Space Station, including NASA astronaut Christina Koch,…

3 years ago

As Astronaut’s Helmet Filled With Water, He Told NASA 3 Times It Wasn’t From Drinking Bag

While NASA's Mission Control "performed admirably" during a spacewalk water leak crisis in July, a report on the incident showed…

9 years ago

Spacesuit Leak: Why It Took NASA 23 Minutes To Send Astronaut To Safety

It took NASA almost the same amount of time as a sitcom episode to send Luca Parmitano back to the…

9 years ago

NASA Weighs Spacewalk To Fix Cooling Problem On Station

NASA may allow its first spacewalk since summer to deal with a malfunction that crippled a cooling loop on the…

9 years ago

Spacesuit Leak And Fist Pumps: Ride Along With Astronaut’s Eventful Space Station Mission

The big news around astronaut circles these days is the assignment of¬†Takuya Onishi -- from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency…

9 years ago

Can The International Space Station Fit Bigger Astronaut Crews?

Things are a little more crowded than usual in the International Space Station. For a few days, nine astronauts and…

9 years ago

Best Halloween Costume Ever … IN SPACE!

This really happened, on the International Space Station, on Halloween. Awesome. Follow Luca Parmitano on Twitter

9 years ago

Topsy-Turvy Aurora Caught On Astronaut’s Camera

Isn't that aurora facing the wrong way? Not if you're in space! NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins tweeted this picture from…

9 years ago

Awesome Photo: Aurora, Airglow, City Lights and Shining Stars

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano shares a lot of fantastic photos taken from his privileged position 260 miles up aboard the…

9 years ago

This Teenager Hosts Earth-To-Space Q&As With An Orbiting Astronaut

Meet Abigail Harrison. This teenager's enthusiasm about space so impressed Luca Parmitano -- who just happens to be a European…

9 years ago