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Record-Setting Space Travelers Return to Earth

A trio of space travelers returned to Earth this morning from the International Space Station, including NASA astronaut Christina Koch,…

4 years ago

As Astronaut’s Helmet Filled With Water, He Told NASA 3 Times It Wasn’t From Drinking Bag

While NASA's Mission Control "performed admirably" during a spacewalk water leak crisis in July, a report on the incident showed…

10 years ago

Spacesuit Leak: Why It Took NASA 23 Minutes To Send Astronaut To Safety

It took NASA almost the same amount of time as a sitcom episode to send Luca Parmitano back to the…

10 years ago

NASA Weighs Spacewalk To Fix Cooling Problem On Station

NASA may allow its first spacewalk since summer to deal with a malfunction that crippled a cooling loop on the…

11 years ago

Spacesuit Leak And Fist Pumps: Ride Along With Astronaut’s Eventful Space Station Mission

The big news around astronaut circles these days is the assignment of¬†Takuya Onishi -- from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency…

11 years ago

Can The International Space Station Fit Bigger Astronaut Crews?

Things are a little more crowded than usual in the International Space Station. For a few days, nine astronauts and…

11 years ago

Best Halloween Costume Ever … IN SPACE!

This really happened, on the International Space Station, on Halloween. Awesome. Follow Luca Parmitano on Twitter

11 years ago

Topsy-Turvy Aurora Caught On Astronaut’s Camera

Isn't that aurora facing the wrong way? Not if you're in space! NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins tweeted this picture from…

11 years ago

Awesome Photo: Aurora, Airglow, City Lights and Shining Stars

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano shares a lot of fantastic photos taken from his privileged position 260 miles up aboard the…

11 years ago

This Teenager Hosts Earth-To-Space Q&As With An Orbiting Astronaut

Meet Abigail Harrison. This teenager's enthusiasm about space so impressed Luca Parmitano -- who just happens to be a European…

11 years ago