When Stars eat Their Planets, the Carnage can be Seen Billions of Years Later

Lithium is the key to determining whether a star has eaten a planet.

2 years ago

Record ‘Fast Nova’ Flares Over a Single Day

A galactic nova flared briefly into naked eye visibility for a day, before vanishing from sight.

2 years ago

Asteroids Crashing Into Dead Stars are Helping Explain Where the Universe’s Missing Lithium Went

What happened to all the lithium? The question has stumped astronomers for decades. While cosmologists have successfully predicted the abundance…

3 years ago

Stars Like Our Sun Become Lithium Factories as They Die

In the beginning, the big bang created three elements: hydrogen, helium, and lithium. But it only produced a trace of…

4 years ago

The Universe Has A Lithium Problem

The Big Bang Theory predicts three times as much lithium as observed. Where are the scientists hiding our lithium?

7 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – February 17, 2017: Samuel Mason, Director of the Tesla Science Foundation

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: Samuel Mason is the Director of the Tesla Science Foundation, NJ Chapter. The mission…

7 years ago

Elemental Mystery: Lithium Is Also Rare Outside Of The Milky Way

This new picture of M54 -- a part of a satellite galaxy to the Milky Way called the Sagittarius Dwarf…

9 years ago

Double Vision: Scientists Spot An Elder ‘Twin’ To the Sun

If you want a picture of how you'll look in 30 years, youngsters are told, look at your parents. The…

11 years ago

Kapow! Keck Confirms Puzzling Element of Big Bang Theory

Observations of the kaboom that built our universe -- known as the Big Bang -- is better matching up with…

11 years ago