Forget Mars, Now You Can Kickstart an Antimatter Propulsion System to Another Star!

Dr, Gerald Jackson and Hbar Technologies LLC are looking to crowdsource the creation of the world's first antimatter engine!

8 years ago

Africa’s First Mission to the Moon Announced

Africa is home to 7 out of 10 of the world's fastest-growing economies. It's population is also the "youngest" in…

10 years ago

Kickstarting the Youngest Astronomers with “Universe in a Box”

Most children are naturally interested in science. And if you've ever heard a five-year-old recite complicated dinosaur names, or all…

10 years ago

Fun New Kickstarter is a Space Station Detector

There's a coffee shop in Pasadena, California that has a cool little device that lights up whenever the International Space…

10 years ago

‘Space Selfie’ Telescope Could Hunt Alien Planets … If It Raises A Cool $2M

A crowdfunded telescope -- best known for offering "space selfies" for backers as an incentive to send money -- is…

11 years ago

Planetary Resources Looks to Crowdfund a Space Telescope for the Public

How much would you donate to have access to a space telescope … or just to have an orbital "selfie"?…

11 years ago

Independent Filmmaker Wants to Kickstart America’s Space Program

"If Kennedy said 'we will go to the Moon...some time before the century ends,' what is... what is that? That's…

12 years ago

Kickstart Your DNA (And a Rover) To The Moon!

Omega Envoy, the non-profit research lab Earthrise Space, Inc.'s team competing for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, has launched a…

12 years ago

Get Your Own Unprecedented 3-D View of the Moon

[/caption] Love 3-D images? Interested in maps? Want to explore the Moon? Then a new Kickstarter project may be just…

12 years ago

Behind the Scenes of NASA’s Upcoming MMORPG

[/caption] These days, nearly every game company is trying to get their fingers in the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role…

13 years ago