Lose Yourself in the JWST’s Exquisite Image of Barnard’s Galaxy

There may come a day when we grow weary of JWST images. But it's not today. Today, we can lose…

3 days ago

The JWST Just Found Carbon on Europa, Boosting the Moon’s Potential Habitability

Most planets and moons in the Solar System are clearly dead and totally unsuitable for life. Earth is the only…

1 week ago

It’s Like Looking at the Infant Sun: Webb Captures Image of an Energetic Young Star

Ever wondered what our young Sun might have looked like in its infancy some five billion years ago? The audacious…

2 weeks ago

How Can We Bring Down the Costs of Large Space Telescopes?

We're all basking in the success of the James Webb Space Telescope. It's fulfilling its promise as our most powerful…

3 weeks ago

JWST Accidentally Found 21 Brown Dwarfs

When you launch humanity's most powerful telescope, you expect results. The JWST has delivered excellent results by detecting ancient galaxies,…

3 weeks ago

JWST Gazes into the Dark Molecular Clouds at the Heart of the Milky Way

There's an unusual object near the Milky Way's heart that astronomers call "The Brick." It's a massive cloud of gas…

4 weeks ago

The Closest Supernova Seen in the Modern Era, Examined by JWST

In 1987, a supernova suddenly appeared in the Large Magellanic Cloud and was studied by astronomers worldwide. Although the detonating…

4 weeks ago

If Earth Was an Exoplanet, JWST Would Know There's an Intelligent Civilization Here

JWST is the most powerful instrument astronomers have to study the atmospheres of exoplanets, looking for trace gases that might…

1 month ago

JWST Plucks One Single Star out of a Galaxy Seen 12.5 Billion Years Ago

Thanks to data obtained by Webb, astronomers have confirmed that MACS0647-star-1 is the second farthest star observed to date.

1 month ago

The Most Compelling Places to Search for Life Will Look Like “Anomalies”

A new study considers how future astrobiology studies could search for life "as we don't know it" on exoplanets.

1 month ago