JWST Takes a Detailed Look at Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede

Nature doesn't conform to our ideas of neatly-contained categories. Many things in nature blur the lines we try to draw…

1 month ago

Astronomers Want JWST to Study the Milky Way Core for Hundreds of Hours

To understand the Universe, we need to understand the extreme processes that shape it and drive its evolution. Things like…

2 months ago

JWST Looks at the Debris Disc Around a White Dwarf

White dwarfs are the ultimate fate of stars like our Sun, and one of the most exciting examples is located…

2 months ago

A New Weather Feature was Hiding in JWST’s Picture of Jupiter

In July 2022, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) used its NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) to capture stunning infrared images of…

2 months ago

Feast Your Eyes on this Star-Forming Region, Thanks to the JWST

Nature is stingy with its secrets. That's why humans developed the scientific method. Without it, we'd still be ignorant and…

2 months ago

TRAPPIST-1 Has Flares. What Does This Mean for its Planets?

Using spectra obtained by Webb, an international team examined three TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets during a series of flares.

2 months ago

More JWST Observations are Finding Fewer Early Massive Galaxies

Astronomers using JWST were surprised to find mature-looking galaxies in the early Universe; they challenged existing models of cosmology. Astronomers…

2 months ago

Compare Images of a Galaxy Seen by Both Hubble and JWST

The James Webb Space Telescope is widely considered to be better than the Hubble Space Telescope. But the JWST doesn't…

2 months ago

Those Impossibly Massive Early Galaxies Might Just Be Surprisingly Bright

A new series of simulations from Northwestern shows that those impossibly large galaxies were actually just very, very bright!

2 months ago

Can JWST Tell the Difference Between an Exo-Earth and an Exo-Venus?

As of this month, astronomers have discovered 5,506 exoplanets orbiting other stars. That number is growing daily, and astronomers are…

2 months ago